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What is Chi gung?
What connects Shiatsu and Chi gung?
Chi gung and exercise
Chi gung and healing
Chi gung is not magic
Chi gung as part of treatment
Chi gung classes and courses

What is Chi gung?

Chi gung translates as 'energy exercises' or 'energy work'. It is a term which encompasses many disciplines developed over thousands of years and ranges from systems that consist largely of standing still to dynamic systems including T'ai Chi The common thread is the objective of developing the strength and power of the mind and body without exhausting and straining the body in the process.


What connects Shiatsu and Chi gung?

Both these disciplines, along with acupuncture have grown out of the same Chinese traditions, theories and philosophies. There are many interesting books on this large and complex subject, illustrating the results of centuries of observation, thought and experimentation, which form the basis of Chinese medical theory.

At its simplest level the idea is that our physical and mental health is based upon the free flow of blood and energy (chi) around the body. If this becomes blocked or disrupted by physical or emotional events then we start to exhibit signs of illness. This may be anything from a bruise on the shin to chronic depression, depending on the nature of the stimulus and our reaction to it.

Shiatsu and Chi gung are about freeing blockages, restoring and organising our energy so we can function more clearly. They are two routes to the same goal.


Chi gung and exercise

Most western exercise relies on vigorous movement of the arms and legs to stimulate the body; this works well in some ways but causes exhaustion and lots of tiny soft tissue injuries, both of which have to be recovered from before any gain can be achieved. You have to be quite fit to gain much out of this.

Chi gung relies on a mixture of sustained low level effort performed in a focussed and precise but relaxed way. This results in stimulation to all the internal organs especially the heart and lungs without exhaustion and tissue damage. This in turn means that you are not tired after exercise and do not have stiff and torn muscles. All effort produces profit and you can do it twice a day safely if you wish!


Chi gung and healing

From a healing perspective Chi gung is very special as it can be used by anybody with any level of physical health as it starts from inside and works out and is infinitely flexible. Chronic fatigue sufferers who tire instantly on standing can start to strengthen themselves while lying down. At the other end of the scale, athletes find their focus, attitude and endurance can benefit from chi gung. It also helps maintain vigour when recovering from injury.


Chi gung is not magic, not is it always easy,

But it is a fascinating and powerful tool, which, with support and encouragement can bring remarkable improvements to peoples lives. It is also liberating and enjoyable; there is no end to it, so it always has new things in store for us


Chi gung as part of treatment

Many people take the opportunity to receive some one to one chi gung tuition as part of their Shiatsu treatment session. It generally takes only a few minutes to teach an appropriate exercise or check on progress, and those who take to it find they can have a real effect on their well-being and health.

Over time, clients build up a collection of exercises, which they can enjoy as a versatile daily practise to increase health and vigour.

Many people do not wish to do Chi gung, it is your choice.


Chi gung classes and courses


What are the classes about and what happens?

Firstly Chigung is about changing the way you feel.
These classes are popular with my Shiatsu clients, and are also open to the public.
We do simple, but subtly powerful exercises which relax and strengthen the body. This has an equally strong effect on the mind, the aim being to build an inner relaxed alertness and resilience to stress.
The activities are about focussing the mind and body together to make both stronger and more flexible. This is equally useful to people of all ages and levels of fitness, from athletes to couch potatoes: we all start from where we are and use it for our own ends.

There is no end to Chigung, in several senses. The practice develops and changes for each person all the time, so there is always something interesting going on, physically or mentally. If you are engaged with Chigung there is no room for boredom.
There are a number of different styles of chigung, some more static and others more outwardly dynamic (they are all inwardly dynamic) which suit different people. In my classes I try to teach the fundamentals which underpin the whole practice, so that whichever way individuals choose to take their practice, the foundations are there to be built upon.
Within the class I like to give students experience of different approaches so each can slant their own practice in the best direction for them at the time. We all walk at our own speed on our own path, whilst enjoying the company and support of others.

Classes currently running

Monday Evening 6.30------8.00

At Victoria Community Centre

Stafford Road

Sheffield S2 2SE


Tuesday Morning 10.00--12.00

At Wisewood Methodist Church

Ben Lane

Sheffield S6 4SA


Wednesday Evening 6.30---8.00

At Union St co-working space

18-20 Union St

Sheffield S1 2JR


Cost of Classes

£7 (£6 students/ unwaged)

Block of 10 sessions £60


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. (click here for contact details)